What is this game?

"The Antibody to the Pandemic of Fake News" is a storytelling game that illustrates the dangers of misinformation in the media and the tools to protect ourselves and others.

Misinformation is much like a pandemic: fake news spreads faster than the truth. It is important for the people in our lives to work with us to unpack the information that filters through our online experiences.

Media literacy is often not taught explicitly in schools, leaving us to learn such skills for ourselves at varying paces. And in a media landscape riddled with false information, we are all vulnerable. In this online experience, visitors can learn what it takes to become the antibody by learning different forms of misinformation and useful media literacy tools

Who are we?

Hi there! We are We The Antibody, a team of designers, developers, and creators that are passionate about media literacy education

Yuansi Li

Catherine Chang

Alex Banh

Peerapong Saksommon

Hans Zhang

Karis Ho

Wanyu Guan